NLP Certification

Attend one his NLP certification and training courses in San Diego, Las Vegas, or in various other cities worldwide when offered.

David Snyder is one of the nation’s top NLP trainers. NLP certification and training with David is an incredible experience. People use what they have learned to better their own life, making the courses a tool for personal transformation. Many others who attend his courses are mental health professionals and clinical hypnotherapists learning to help people make lasting change. Others who attend are in sales or communication and build confidence, verbal skills and learn to master persuasion and influence.


Join the many other people, from around the globe, who have graduated from the San Diego Hypnosis Institute, with a certification as an NLP practitioner.  Real world training, recognized credentials, and personal success.



Call me at   1.858.481.1438 to register, or click on the descriptions to the right and register online. For a full listing of all online resources and online training events, visit our store:  David Snyder NLP and Hypnosis

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